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”When I started the podcast, ‘TLB’ was one of the first names on the list so I was stoked to head up to London to interview him about these years, and pay homage to a man and a scene that had such an influence on myself and countless others.”
— Matt Barr, The Looking Sideways Podcast
“People regularly say how they wouldn’t now be making films, music, art or graphic design if the inclusive nature of the mag hadn’t lit the fuse for them.”
— Dan Adams, Huck interview, August 2018
“ For me photography is all feeling and those photos are just so strong. It’s almost the same feeling I get from like—you ever see those Russian skate photos from the 80s/90s with really messed up gear? There’s just this link you feel as a skater to them. They are clearly having to work so hard just to get there. Just to identify as skateboarders.”
— Mackenzie Eisenhower, Transworld Skateboarding, July 2018
Tim Leighton-Boyce started a newsletter to document the underground scene around him. This newsletter eventually grew into the iconic R.A.D (Read And Destroy) magazine, which acted as a DIY skate and youth culture journal that not only showcased British skaters and photographers, but also provided a pre-internet network
— Vice online, July, 2018